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5.8 GHz Dual Polarity Parabolic Dishes

Jirous 5.8 GHz Dual Polarity Parabolic Dish Antennas are ideal for backhaul applications and PTMP MIMO applications.

Their innovative design takes advantage of the latest RF technology available providing the best possible performance even in the busiest of RF environments. 

Jirous provides 3 variants of dish specifically designed to cost effectively meet the needs of your project:

  • MIMO - Cost effective high performance solution for client use.
  • EXtreme MIMO - Excellent performance in "Noisy" frequency spaces.
    • Additional shroud that extends from rim of the dish suppresses close-in side-lobes. No need to buy additional  "Armor" 
    • Improved Front to Back Ratio
  • DuplEX MIMO - For the most demanding of environments 
    • Highest Cross-Pol Isolation at 53dBi !
    • Polarity separation is enough that these antennas can be deployed with separate radios run on each pol for site redundancy through a single antenna.

Radomes are included with every dish.

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